Advanced A/C Bacteria & Odour Treatment

Price: £50+VAT individually or £30+VAT if booked with an A/C Re-gas or full service.

Nothing comes close to the efficiency and results our state of the art ozone generator and ultrasonic nebulizer equipment for disinfecting vehicles and their A/C system. 99.99% Effective in just 15 minutes and lasts up to 6 months in accordance to NEN-6265 standards. Removes even the toughest odours.


The A/C evaporator sits behind the dashboard of the vehicle and is almost completely inaccessible without taking the whole dash assembly out of the vehicle, a process that can cost thousands of pounds. The evaporator provides absolutely ideal damp, dark conditions for harmful microorganisms to reproduce and thrive. This is the root cause for most foul smelling A/C systems and allergy sufferers whilst driving.


Polartekk is aware of a large majority of companies charging a lot of money for odour removal using a "bomb" treatment for vehicles, something we completely disagree with for a number of reasons.

These bombs are essentially a pressurised aerosol that is let off in the vehicle to remove odours. These devices provide an incredibly strong and irritating synthetic chemical odour which leads people to believe they have had a really effective treatment when in fact, they are incredibly short lived and only mask the odours, not eliminate them. There is also no backing whatsoever these certain devices kill or disinfect any of the bacteria which is the root of the issue in the first place. These devices are very cheap and companies that use them profit from a huge mark-up on these products for an incredibly ineffective service. 


Our service couldn't be further from this scenario. We use state of the art ozone generator and ultrasonic nebulisation equipment for a process that guarantees contact with all the components of the air conditioning system (including the filter and the evaporator). Our service is so effective that disinfected systems are protected up to 6 months from bacteria re-growth (NEN 6265 test) whilst remaining completely non toxic & non flammable. An extended list of benefits our service provides are as follows:

  • Neutralizes bad smells by means of a chemical reaction with their molecules.

  • Instantly removes bad smells like cigarette smoke, pet smell, body odours, garbage, onion, garlic, food smells, spilled food, vomit, smell of mildew and damp, wet clothing.

  • Long lasting effect by means of the molecular technology, which neutralizes the smell molecules.

  • Does not mask the smell, but eliminates it.

  • Due to the fine nebulisation the entire space is treated.

  • Combination with the ozone function creates even a better result and succeeds to neutralize even the worst smells.

  • Immediately neutralizes the remaining ozone in the vehicle interior after an ozone treatment so that safe re-entry of the car is assured.

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, deodorizer.

  • Does not leave stains.

  • Removes greasy deposits, dust and other dirt from the evaporator.

  • Eliminates bad odours and nicotine smell in air-conditioning systems and stops them for a long period of time.

  • Neutralizes microbial contamination, fungi and bacteria in the air-conditioning system and washes them away.

  • Prevents allergic reactions (sneezing, coughing, irritation to eyes, sore throats).

  • The used surfactants are biodegradable according to the test method OECD 301 A-F.

  • The efficiency of the product against bacteria and fungi has been tested according to the standards: NEN-EN 13623; NEN-EN 1040; NEN-EN 1275; NEN-EN 1276; NEN-EN 1650; NEN-EN 13697 (clean surface and contaminated surface), for the following micro-organisms: Legionella pneumophila (1); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (2); Escherichia coli (3); Staphylococcus aureus (4); Enterococcus hirae (5); Candida albicans (6); Aspergillus niger (7).

  • The efficiency of the preparation has been demonstrated after a contact time of maximum 15 minutes, except for NEN-EN 13697 (contaminated surface) where the bactericide effect on (3) and (4) has been demonstrated after 60 minutes contact time.

  • Leaves a pleasant refreshing odour in the car after treatment.