Full A/C Service

Price: R134a = £70+VAT (Up to 1000g) R1234YF = £140+VAT (Up to 1000g)

Our Full A/C system service builds on the basic Re-gas but also provides in depth inspections, diagnosis and maintenance to working parts of the A/C system.


It’s estimated that vehicles lose around a third of their refrigerant after three years at a rate of around 10-20% lost per year. After a prolonged period of time this is when  it is recommended to have an A/C recharge or full A/C service. After years it can be significantly noticeable that your A/C system does not blow as cold as it use too. Wear and tear also occurs on all moving parts and these damaged parts can either reduce the efficiency of your A/C system or stop it working entirely.


Our A/C recharge involves topping up your air conditioning refrigerant. During a Polartekk A/C Service We will:

  1. Arrive at your pre booked destination whether this is at your home or place of work.

  2. Initially check the system for leaks.

  3. Carry out visual inspections of mechanical parts

  4. Determine the amount of refrigerant still in the system with a static pressure test within the A/C system. Providing there are no leaks, and pressure holds during the test we can then:

  5. Safely recover existing refrigerant in the system.

  6. Vacuum the A/C system to negative atmospheric pressure for an extended period of time to remove all existing refrigerant, contaminants & moisture in the system.

  7. Check the vacuum pressure has held, indicating no miniscule leaks.

  8. Add in high quality oil to help lubricate the compressor and make sure the system is in the best condition it can be.

  9. UV dye is also added at this stage to aid with in depth leak detection.

  10. Recharge the system with fresh refrigerant to the optimal pressure required.

  11. Final systems check to make sure everything is optimal.

All makes, models & refrigerants covered. The whole process should take roughly 60 minutes.